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David Crockett Lowrey Jr MoMM3/c
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Ahlrich, C.R. MoMM1/c
Axtman, L.D. S2/c
Bates, B.M. Jr STM3/c
Brady, D.W. COX
Branaman, D.L. CQM
Braun, A.H. SK3/c
Chapman Z.E. RDM2/c
Dixon F.M. SC1/c
Dotson R.H SOM3/c
Dove Bennett BKR2/c
Fore, N.L. Jr S2/c
Garland W.H. S2/c
Hale H.J. SC2/c
Hampton, J.E. STM2/c
Hildebrand, Frank M. EM3/c
Hinshaw O.E. CM1/c
Holland, C.E. Y3/c
Hunt, Oliver R. Jr. ENS
Honeycutt, J.W. CGM
Kelley, S.S. Jr SM3/c
Knopsler, Martin T CEM
Lindamood, David J. F2/c
Lucido, F.P. F1/c
Mackey, R.L. MoMM1/c
Martinez, Paul M. S1/c
Maxwell, R.H. Jr EM3/c
Mclain, T.J. STM1/c
McCurdy, Billy W. QM3/c
Mills, Ralph J. F2/c
Munger, Robert D LIEUT.(jg)
Newcomb, C.L. S1/c
Ortiz, L.J. S2/c
Perumean, D. S1/c
Ritter, O.L. F1/c
Roberts. R.C. COX
Robinson, A.L. S2/c
Rose, R.A. S2/c
Sanchez Anthony (n) COX
Santoferraro, Vincent(n) MoMM3/c
Schlesinger, E. (n) MoMM2/c
Stinebaugh, S.J. Jr SOM2/c
Tupper, Walter B. CQM
Truitt, G.R. SC3/c
Ulrich, T.D. S1/c
Van Sickle, H.W. S2/c
Versetto, Nick A. COX
Violet, Frank (n) S1/c
Waldrop, Arlie Jr S1/c
Wall, S.J. S2/c
Watson, L.S. QM3/c
West, John C. F1/c
Winslow, H.C. Jr QM1/c
Wise, F.K. SM2/c

Combs Ira J. F1/c ( found on Jan. 20, 2001 )